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With a voice that is both delicate and affecting, coating many of her songs in a hazy, hypnotic melancholy, Seattle-based independent songwriter Katie Davis creates the type of dreamy music that I just can’t seem to get enough of. ... The songwriting talent that is Katie Davis is surely due for a wider audience and Three Songs is a big, giant step in that direction.  more

Shh, Listen...

Katie Davis writes beautiful, melancholic songs about the ambiguities of love and loss...and she performs them fearlessly with a voice that is as clear and strong as it is soft. It’s a combination rarely found, but one that speaks to an enormous wealth of talent. ... The result is absolutely beautiful.  more


Katie's powerful lyrics draw the listener into her experience and remind us that it is possible to live an entire lifetime within the span of a single moment. And, in that moment, Katie leaves us breathless, desperate with hope, drenched in anticipation, and wanting more. In each of these 3 songs, Katie seizes a moment in time and makes that moment her own.  more

Jukebox Heroines

Seattle pop-rock siren of redemption and vindication. It’s not emo... it’s awesome.

Ear Candy Magazine

The lovely Miss Davis is back with a new download only EP titled “Three Songs”. There’s just something about her haunting voice and crisp, clean acoustic guitar that just immediately sucks you in and makes you fall for someone you’ve never met nor seen. Folk pop is not really my thing but Katie Davis folk pop seems to suit me just fine.

Musical Discoveries

Here layers of Katie's vocals glisten atop electronic and acoustic guitar-laced arrangements. Listen to her voice gently soar as she evocatively delivers the lyrical message and is backed with layers of harmony in the lovely chorus. ... We were clearly left again wanting more. Please record a full length album for us!  more


Independent singer-songwriter Katie Davis makes pretty, atmospheric folk and pop music.

We Heart Music

All the songs seem to be about heartbreaks, but for some reason, I sense a bit of humor in her songs. ... Sure, she's self-described as unhealthy hair and drinking southern comforts and singing only "sad songs", but she'll certainly make you smile when she mentions Susan Sarandon in "Gorgeous".  more


Performer Magazine

There’s something both endearing and doomed about how Katie Davis sings her sad songs. At times it seems like her guitar is trying to be optimistic, but her voice refuses to budge from its somber somnambulant unhappiness. This is the type of CD you listen to when you’re drunk and alone, contemplating calling your exes to ask them why they stopped loving you.  more

Soul Shine Magazine

Sprung from the rainy lands that are most famous for producing grunge and a mighty expensive cup o’ coffee, singer/songwriter Katie Davis has definitely got the self-deprecating thing down. ... Part early Alanis and part Postal Service with a mean acoustic streak, Davis makes a wonderful showing on her introductory album, albeit a short one.  more

Smother Magazine

A girl this intense and intriguing can’t be alone can she? At least not in the real world. I imagine there’s hordes of folks lining up to see her perform each time she graces the world with her majestic and sultry presence. Thank you Katie for once again proving that American Idol doesn’t find 1% of the best talent in America. (Editor’s Pick)  more

Catsask Music Review

Katie Davis is sure to be a musical icon once the world hears her. Do yourself a favour. Rock, funk, soul blues...it doesn’t matter what you love, you have to check her out. Katie is something special, and I do believe I will be seeing and hearing more of her in the future.  more

Northeast In-Tune Magazine

She has all of the spunk of Alanis Morissette and Melissa Etheridge put together. Her lyrics are filled with irony and melancholy. I have to admit that it took a while for Katie to grow on me, but I’m hooked now. It was the lyrics that did it.

Ear Candy Magazine

With only 4 songs on this disc, it is truly hard to judge Katie Davis. What does stand out is the terrific guitar work and of course Katie’s voice -- it is truly mesmerizing and even transcendent. ... A great look at possible brilliance if she gets the right songs. Way better than your average singer-songwriter!  more

Unsigned Music Magazine

It’s Katie’s raw emotion and soft-spoken voice that makes each track drip with sadness.

Not Quite Hollywood

“She Hates Love Songs” not only made me stop to give it my full attention, it also left me in deep thought. I found myself playing the song again and then listening to the other songs from Katie’s first CD, Terrible, Terrible. Based in Seattle, Katie Davis has been gathering an impressive following not only in the Pacific Northwest, but across the country and abroad.  more

Musical Discoveries

Her introspective and hauntingly beautiful songs -- the kind you hear in the movies over kissing or crying scenes -- liken her to other straight-voiced ladies like Beth Orton, Feist, and Jenny Lewis. ... The sampling of songs leaves you wanting for more and she shows great potential with her gift of voice and raconteur. Terrible, Terrible proves to be “Wonderful, Wonderful.”  more

Collected Sounds

I thought it was gutsy to name a record, “Terrible Terrible”, but Katie Davis doesn’t have to worry about it. She’s that good. She’s got this great mournful vocal style that is just achingly beautiful. The songwriting is so heartbreaking that it actually sounds like her guitar is crying.  more

Online Rock

The title of Katie Davis’ EP surely isn’t indicative of this singer songwriter’s fine effort. The four songs here showcase the range of her beautifully seductive voice as well as the stylistic variety of her musical compositions. It’s not hard to see why she’s a popular attraction in her hometown of Seattle.  more


Four short songs. Enough to tease you, enough to break your heart, enough to make you want more, more, more of Katie Davis. ... Her bold honesty, sly humor and understated intellect shine through these sparkling tunes. The lush strings and delicate background vocals are gravy to the feast that is Terrible, Terrible.  more