Terrible, Terrible is the 2004 four-track debut EP release by Seattle-based singer/songwriter/guitarist Katie Davis. Her vocals reveal a clarity and emotive sound. She has been working on completing a full length CD, but doesn't expect to be finished with production until some time in 2007. During this year, she plans on traveling around the world and returning with new sad songs to rock her fans.

Her striking acoustic guitar combined with her mesmerizing and poignant vocals allow the listener just a taste of her melancholic songs. Her ballad approach reminds you of Alanis Morissette and she certainly has a straight-hitting sound. Her introspective and hauntingly beautiful songs -- the kind you hear in the movies over kissing or crying scenes -- liken her to other straight-voiced ladies like Beth Orton, Feist, and Jenny Lewis.

She has earned unprecedented national press, MTV and worldwide radio play, and a packed schedule of live shows with national touring acts. In early 2005, Katie played her first solo shows to small but delighted crowds in the beer-soaked dive bars of Seattle's Pioneer Square. And by 2006, Katie enjoyed her first four-story marquee at the Showbox, a musical institution and one of the northwest's biggest theaters.

Her sad song lyrics are very touching and she is captivating as a storyteller. Katie said, "Sad songs are my favorites. And that's just what comes out when I sit down to write. At shows, I try to break it up with covers from ACDC and Guns N' Roses. You'd be surprised -- it's always the happiest people who love my saddest songs."

Katie's music is understated on this EP, but her heartbreaking vocals evoke assorted emotions of pain to joy associated with life's everyday relationship drama. She has a sincere tone that anyone can identify with in their own life situation. All of us can relate to the sentiments she so touchingly expresses.

Katie's music reflects an honest and pure sound, and she boldly attacks every phrase and strumming of the guitar. She maintains breathy, sensual vocals that set the emotional mood. The sampling of songs leaves you wanting for more and she shows great potential with her gift of voice and raconteur. Terrible, Terrible proves to be "Wonderful, Wonderful." (4 out of 5 stars)

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