Damn!!! Move me, move me, move me... Excuse the remark but this chick kicks the $%it!!! I have not heard such moving sounds in quite a while. Lady, you got it goin’ on!

Katie Davis is sure to be a musical icon once the world hears her. From one track to the next with simplicity, she simply pulls you in while she paints a musical masterpiece on your ears! Where has she been hiding? It’s no wonder she’s winning awards and hitting the internet airwaves. Lord, please come to Toronto and let us catch you live.

Stunning! We know we’re gushing but she’s worth it.

True musical soul and feeling does not come around often but Katie has it. I love the honesty she delivers and all she needs to do it, is a guitar and her sweet voice. Truer words have not been sung in such a long time, and in such a multitude of mediocrity, it is very refreshing to know artists truly do exist. Katie Davis is one of them.

Do yourself a favour. Rock, funk, soul doesn’t matter what you love, you have to check her out. Katie is something special, and I do believe I will be seeing and hearing more of her in the future.

Rock and Folk on baby!!!

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