Imagine sitting in some unnamed hole-in-the-wall bar in the beautiful Emerald City of Seattle, Washington, listening to a cute blond-brunette hybrid girl crying into her acoustic guitar rock. You might just be listening to Katie Davis. On the couldn’t-be-further-from-the-truth titled album “Terrible, Terrible”, she pours every ounce of her soul into these four songs. Starting off is the ironically titled “She Hates Love Songs”, which finds Katie breathing in real close to the microphone moaning on about how awful love songs are meanwhile seemingly composing one herself. Pickled with her guitar play are other interesting interludes of sounds that give it a warm atmospheric feel that cries foul when she self-describes her music as “solo sad girl rock”. A girl this intense and intriguing can’t be alone can she? At least not in the real world. I imagine there’s hordes of folks lining up to see her perform each time she graces the world with her majestic and sultry presence. Thank you Katie for once again proving that American Idol doesn’t find 1% of the best talent in America. (Editor’s Pick)

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